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Megan Barker

In 2007, Megan began her career as a Respiratory Therapist.  Little did she know that fate would intervene shortly after that.  While performing her rounds at the hospital, Megan struck up a conversation with one of her patients about football.  Like her, Ty was a huge Peyton Manning fan.  Ty was in the hospital getting his Cystic Fibrosis tuned up and having already been there for two weeks, he was thankful to have a new friend to talk football with!  Before Ty was discharged from the hospital, he told Megan that once he was discharged, he planned on taking her on a date.  True to his word, the two went on their first date the day after he was discharged.  Like any good love story, they quickly fell in love and were married in 2008.  They completed their family in 2012, when they welcomed twin sons.  

After marrying Ty, Megan began to realize that not many people understood the life of a CF spouse.  She began to seek out other wives, whom she could share life experiences with.  Eventually, she established a group for other CF wives on Facebook.  While that group was a great starting point, ultimately, it wasn’t able to grow into what she initially envisioned for it, and was subsequently taken down because of this.  Still driven by her initial desire to connect with people who understand the ins and out of CF spousedom, Megan took the information and experiences from the initial wives group, along with some input from some CF husbands and from that, Project CF Spouse was born.  She wanted to create a place where CF spouses, old and new, could turn for resources, information or just a sympathetic shoulder from someone who understands.  It is her hope that Project CF Spouse will be a beacon of hope for those navigating the world of Cystic Fibrosis.

Yvette Imsand

In 2008, Yvette and her husband Jesse met through a mutual friend and unintentionally ended up in a relationship that same night! He was open and honest about his condition and life expectancy, and Yvette was intrigued. She began actively seeking opportunities to learn more about CF. After moving in together, she really got to see life with CF firsthand! Things got serious fast and Yvette found she needed more information for individuals in relationships with CF patients. Specifically, she was looking for resources that focused on and spotlighted these unique relationships, their challenges and maybe even a community that understood all of this. Unfortunately, she didn’t have any luck until she found Project CF Spouse. Nearly nine years after they started dating, they got engaged in 2016. They were married in 2018. Yvette is now a CNA and is working on a bachelor’s degree in Nursing. They both hope to start a family in the near future.


Throughout the years, Yvette has never stopped looking for better resources for spouses and partners in the CF community. Upon learning about Project CF Spouse, she immediately became a very active community member prior to joining the Board. Being able to advocate and build resources that support others in the community has always been a priority to her. She knows firsthand what it is like to have such valuable resources specifically for spouses and partners. And, she remembers what it was like to not have those resources. Her role in Project CF Spouse has allowed her the opportunity to use her own experiences to cultivate resources for the many spouses and partners in the CF community.

Rebecca Jernigan

Rebecca’s CF spouse journey began in December of 2016 when she met her future husband, Kody. Their first date was at a restaurant in Houston, TX. The date went well. So well, in fact, that later that night, her roommate told her to “just let me know when you decide on a wedding date.” Rebecca thought it was a little early to be talking about weddings, but her roommate’s intuition was correct. Exactly 1 year later, at the same restaurant, Kody proposed. Five months later, they were married.

Before meeting Kody, Rebecca had heard of Cystic Fibrosis but didn’t know much about it. When Kody revealed his diagnosis on their third date, Rebecca felt only a little concerned because he seemed fairly healthy. As they grew closer, however, she took to the internet seeking information to assuage her growing fears about the future. But that only made things worse. Fortunately, their love was stronger than fear.

Rebecca discovered Project CF Spouse in 2020 during a particularly challenging period in their marriage. She had taken a new job mid-pandemic that necessitated a move from Houston to Morgantown, WV. Studying for a professional exam, coping with the COVID-19 pandemic, and moving halfway across the country had caused significant stress for them. Project CF Spouse provided a much-needed community of people who understood the unique stresses of being a CF Spouse


As the newest member of the Project CF Spouse board, Rebecca is excited to give back to the community that has given her so much. With her experience as a veterinarian working in biomedical research, she hopes to provide a unique perspective and serve as a valuable resource on the leadership team.

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